"the artist is the medium between his fantasies and the rest of the world"- federico fellini 

i was born and raised in seattle by my mother, a musician and artist. i would often rummage through her closet, full of clothes from various bands she had been in and places she had lived. i remember taking each one of her earrings, adorning them on my t-shirts and walking around in her high heels. i would spend summers with my grandparents inventing projects to sew with my grandma and writing short stories. an interest in design and story telling started at a young age.

after graduating film school i immediately began refining my craft working in the costume department of several feature films in the pacific northwest, leading me to costume design for numerous shows all over the country. in between projects i went back to school for apparel design and now reside in los angeles. my most recognized work thus far has been as the costume designer for seasons II, III + IV of syfy's z nation.

having such an intricate part in creating characters the way being a costume designer allows me to be, fuels me. the feeling of achievement that comes with successfully conveying an idea- whether it be a costume, a character, or a story- is what keeps me doing, what i'm doing.